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03 May 2018 — 24 May 2018

Tongpop is a place, a myth, a fact, a person, a god, a desire and a conflict. It’s the past in the present. In trying to feel connected to ones heritage when being disconnected from it, you invent a visual language that satisfies this separation. Traditional ngatu patterns are lit up with bold colours and shapes, a homage to the survival of the art of tapa making. References to events and objects collected during colonization aim to be a reminder of lost ideas and practices that identify unique cultural practices that have been lost.      

Telly Tuita is an emerging artist who recently immigrated to New Zealand from Australia. Tongan born Tuita undertook all of his schooling and tertiary in Sydney, where he completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts and Education. Since study, Tuita has worked as an art teacher and within special education whilst maintaining his own art practise and exhibiting in group shows throughout Australia. This is Tuita’s first solo show.


Telly Tuita