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Watching, Waiting

08 August 2019 — 01 September 2019

In ‘Watching, Waiting’ Culy presents a series of works that reflect her perception and interpretation of changes happening in her surrounding environment, and the world.

In this series, Culy has used colour, familiar objects and seascapes in an attempt to uplift herself from a perceived state of helplessness.

Culy feels that the period we are in now is an overwhelming one, with a seemingly constant stream of news, statistics and imagery thrown at us on a daily basis. ‘Watching, Waiting’ is the artist’s attempt to grapple with this, and shed light on the nuances of human beings and material consumption. Looking at the everyday objects we discard or collect, while also examining her own daily practices and impact she herself has on the environment.

Time spent near the ocean has informed the artist’s series of work. Currently working out of the coastal community Haumoana in Hawke’s Bay, Culy has inevitably noticed the subtle changes happening to her immediate environment, living in an area where erosion and sea level rise are threatening the coastal community.

The depiction of everyday items in novel contexts in ‘Watching, Waiting’ is a reflection of the artist’s concerns and conflicting emotions. Culy has juxtaposed artificial objects with natural items, playfully composing still life scenarios with conflicting objects, such as fake fruit or plastic buckets. Pairing aesthetically appealing colours and compositions with familiar, everyday objects that are potentially deemed distasteful. In a way, Culy is attempting to archive these objects that have had a life and a purpose, and acknowledge what has been gained from them.


Billie Culy